Space Frame Structure

• Space frame structure is designed to model the chemical molecular structure of sodium, carbon and diamond. So the space rig has the outstanding advantage of having a solid structure, beautiful and unique architecture. Space truss structure is used in the construction of public works around the world by making the most of the working ability of the rod elements (vertical bearing), resulting in material savings and safety. use.

• The construction industry in general and the structure of space truss in particular in Vietnam have also begun to make great strides over the past ten years. In recent years, space truss structure has gradually replaced the conventional steel and concrete roof structures. It is its outstanding advantages that have enabled structuralists to choose the solution of space truss instead of steel or concrete truss as before.

• The space truss system to meet the needs of projects with large peaks (≥40m) such as gymnasiums, workshops, roofs, the introduction of the space truss structure is an optimal solution for the harmony between the US arts and economics. Space rafters are built on the basis of 01 molecule developed in 03 directions, in a staging molecule including buttons and link bars. Thanks to this structure, the space frame is capable of exceeding a large aperture of about 300m. The second advantage is that it can make the most of the workability of the material so it is very economical and economical.

• In addition, the space frame also has a very beautiful architecture. Suitable for buildings that require architectural and aesthetic beauty such as airports, stadiums, sports halls, tennis courts, resorts, yards, etc.

• Our company is honored to participate in the design, production and erection of large space platforms in Vietnam and Myanmar:

- Phu My Stadium - Ba Ria Vung Tau province.
- Xuan Loc Stadium - Dong Nai Province: with the structure of 2-way curved space frame.
- Dat Do District Sports Hall - Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.
- Sports hall of Can Tho University.
- Luu Van Liet High School Sports Hall - Vinh Long City.
- Luu Huu Phuoc High School Sports Hall - O Mon District, Can Tho, etc.
- Covered steel structure Park 23/9 - District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


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